Tables Decennales, 1853-1863

"The Tables Decennales" have been published periodically since 1807, when they were instituted during the French occupation of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. In the nineteenth century, they consisted of ten-year compilations of birth, marriage, and death records from village/commune civil registrations, organized alphabetically by surname. As such they constitute an excellent source for family historians interested in linking a Luxembourg surname with a particular locality. Social historians also have found these compilations useful for the study of Luxembourg demographics.

Searches in this database can be undertaken by surname, record type (birth, death, marriage), village/commune, or canton (Luxembourg is divided administratively into cantons which in turn are subdivided into villages or communes). Search results are presented in terms of surname, village/commune, canton, record type, quantity of each record type present per locality, and microfilm number. This database initially was developed using the March 1994 "Locality Catalog" for Luxembourg published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The "Tables Decennales 1853-1863" were chosen for indexing because they constitute the ten-year compilation most likely to "capture" records of individuals who migrated to North America in the later nineteenth century.

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